"Midnight Oil" Beer Collaboration with Garden Grove Brewing

11 a.m. Sunday October 8th, 2017 the world shook and the earth cracked. Out of the fissure emerged a frosted glass of Midnight Oil with your name on it.

The collaboration between Garden Grove Brewing and Endeavor RVA birthed a magnitude 8 earthquake which was both devastating and delicious . If you and your loved ones were lucky enough to emerge from the ruble unscathed, you were the chosen few worthy of traversing the ruins of what used to be Cary Town to attend this release filled to the brim with beer, jazz and artwork. 

To commemorate this collab, Garden Grove released a decadent and refreshing Barrel-Aged Oatmeal Coffee Milk Stout of epic proportions. We adorned the event with artwork and curated the walls of this sacred facility. Nevertheless, it was not enough. To top you off, Vanilla Summit soothed our wary hearts with smooth jazz as we wept and jeered over the beverage created.

Praise be to Rostov's, our hallowed coffee provider who gave us the strength to persevere through Monday morning with coupons and dollar coffee fill ups. May they continue to brighten our lives with the light of a thousand Sumatran suns.

Animation guru Mac Wood, created a digital trophy to commemorate the occasion. Legend has it that his gif continues to play today.