Put This On! - Clothing Design Exhibit

Put This On began as a collaborative t-shirt exhibit in 2016 when the resident artists saw a chance to give people the opportunity to wear work from their favorite artists.

All wears in this annual Clothing Design Exhibition are limited edition works created by local artists. Being surrounded by a number of quality designers it only made sense to bring these people together.

For the artists, this was a chance to make their work in a medium that people could put on.


Over the course of this programming we have showcased hundreds of designs from 52 different artists.

Since 2016 we have also included 8 bands, donated to charities, hosted interactive mural trucks and tasty food trucks in this recurring event. Past iterations of Put This On have also included collaborations with local content creators, live illustrators and other varied creative performances.

To participate in future Put This On Exhibitions send us and E-MAIL with examples of your work.

You can also get involved by signing up to receive Exhibition Invites and Artist Opportunities.

2018 Recap video by Vincent Cannizzaro