Expressions of Impulse - UNOS Gallery Exhibit 2018

Expressions of Impulse - UNOS Gallery Exhibit 2018

As part of our Art in Community X Business program, we joined forces with The Gallery at UNOS (United Network Organ Sharing) to showcase our in house artists as well as the works of Gianna Paniagua. UNOS is a private, non-profit organization that manages the nation's organ transplant system under contract with the federal government. March 2nd was the kickoff for the exhibit, however the works will be displayed until April 28th.

When we stopped by UNOS to drop off pieces from Ian HessWingchow and Eli McMullen we had an absolute ball installing a very special piece of Ian's which is 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall that you need to see for yourself. In addition to that behemoth, we delivered 3 pieces of Eli McMullen's and Wing Chow's including "No Guts No Glory".

Gianna's work has been exhibited at The Smithsonian and has been recognized by The Kennedy Center. We were truly delighted to meet her and chat about our upbringings and influences. One of Gianna's more eye grabbing works at the exhibit was an interactive piece that entailed pinning small cutout paper organs onto a cloth draped on the wall. People would write down the first thing that came to mind when they thought of "organ transplant". The final result was a gorgeous collage that spoke on the importance and neccesity of organ sharing. To top it off, delicious refreshments were catered by Zoe's Kitchen and First Colony Winery

For more info on Gianna and her work, click here.

For more info on UNOS and their mission, click here.

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