Wet Walls

Wet Walls began in 2016 as a continuing mural series involving the resident artists at the time Ian C. Hess, Eli McMullen, Wing Chow, and Alex Beck. The annual project was initially created as a way for the artists to gain mural experience. They saw the potential in their blank open wall space and created a world of their own. 

2016 Wet Walls

2016 Wet Walls

The second edition of Wet Walls took place in 2017. This mural included six local artists being Ian C. Hess, Eli McMullen, WIng Chow, Eddy Gonzo, Mickael Broth, and Emily Herr. Endeavor was founded on the idea of promoting not just the work of their resident artists but to also collaborate and highlight work from the community. There is nothing in the area quite like this exhibit making it a unique facet of the Richmond Arts District.

2017 Wet Walls video courtesy of Juan Steck.

In June we kicked off the summer with our third annual Wet Walls exhibit. Wet Walls is a collaborative mural installation involving artists from all over Richmond that takes place during the RVA First Friday Art Walk Exhibitions. We aimed to keep the color palette to a minimum, resulting in a black and white themed show. The limited color options allowed all of our featured artists to connect on a common ground, tying the mural together. The 2018 Wet Walls went above and beyond by incorporating more artists into the exhibit than ever before. This year we were lucky enough to showcase the work of Ian C. Hess, Eli McMullenCam McMullen, Chase BeasleyChloe Yeager, Erek JonesJamie DouglasJered FykesJunious, Louis Ackerman, Meme, and Visibly Hidden

Adding a new twist to the Wet Walls experience, we decided to host a competition for the rolling wall where an artist was chosen based on their submission including a concept design and a quick summary of why they believe their mural should be executed. Jamie Douglas was selected to paint the piece that would be displayed behind musical guests Vanilla Summit, Mark of Buddha, and Sam Sulkin

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2018 Wet Walls Recap created by High Club Productions.